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At CPO Creative Placements Online based in the heart of Cape Town , we pride ourselves on finding the perfect fit for both sides of the employer and employee equation. With our many years of experience in fashion and retail we ensure that we have a positive effect on a company's level of efficiency and productivity, by providing staffing solutions based on a policy of the right candidate for the right position.

At CPO Creative Placements Online we are dedicated to the fast moving fashion industry as a whole and our primary objective is to connect candidates with the right personality, traits and skill sets, to the right working environment for them. This ultimately benefits the client as well as the candidate in terms of a healthy longstanding relationship.

CPO Creative Placements Online is an equal opportunity company which started with the purpose to add value to the fashion industry and due to our smaller size are able to deliver the very best service to both our clients and our candidates.

Our highly personalized service includes communication and feedback based on progress and solution.