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Your Curriculum Vitae (CV) is a summary of exactly who you are and what you are able to achieve. It is your chance to market yourself and stand out in an incredibly competitive environment of hundreds of candidates that are fighting for the position that you want.

In the few minutes that it takes a potential employer to glimpse through your CV, they form an impression of how beneficial you would be to their company. A simple two or three-page document conveys your abilities and potential for growth. Many forget that while the obvious aim of any CV is to show your greatest strengths, CVS often reveal several weaknesses. Poor grammar and incorrect spelling demonstrate either poor attention to detail and/or inadequate education. A CV that is poorly laid out and untidy demonstrates unfavourable qualities such as laziness and being incapable of putting effort into their work. Failing to include, at the very least, basic information (as further discussed later) will prevent an employer from forming a favourable opinion of you. Though avoiding errors such as these will not guarantee employment, a candidate that commits them is unlikely to be taken seriously.

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